Comprising the FBGOA and the GBF

About John Waldron


My first introduction to the sport was in the late 1940’s when, as a compositor apprentice at a factory adjacent to Stamford Bridge, I was despatched by journeymen to place bets on dogs running in the afternoon meetings, whilst they distracted the departmental overseer.

I came into ownership in 1986 when, as a patron of Wimbledon for many years, I decided that it would add extra interest to have a runner or two whilst dining there. I joined the WGOA shortly thereafter and have been actively associated with it since.

Interested in the financial structure of the sport and its politics, I realised the importance of the contribution that greyhound owners make – without which the structure as we know it would cease to exist.

Formerly a member of the BGRB board, I currently serve as secretary of the FBGOA and its offshoot the influential Chairman’s Joint Committee. I am also a member of the GBGB race cards audit committee.

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