Comprising the FBGOA and the GBF


In early 2010, delegates from within the Practitioner’s remit of representation met to discuss the implications of change. Principally, how to improve the flow of information from board and committee meetings to the parties which need to react to the changes taking place within the sport.

It was decided to widen the scope of the FBGOA by inviting two additional members on to the executive committee, one each from the Greyhound Trainers Association (GTA) and the Greyhound Breeders Forum (GBF). Accordingly, these two organisations are represented on the executive committee of FBGOA by John Simpson (trainers) and Bob Gilling (breeders). To progress matters still further a sub-committee was formed to be called the Chairman’s Joint Committee which meets on a regular basis.

In the course of these discussions it emerged that all three independent bodies have run their own websites which were under-used and neglected and therefore a drain on finances – a scarce resource in this area of the sport. It was therefore agreed that one combined website with pages allocated to each body would be more comprehensive and provide the reader with a complete range of topics and information.