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We are individually represented at high levels of greyhound administration by your appointed representatives, which is time consuming but essential in the circumstances of modern management. Our ultimate representation at GBGB boards is through the Practitioner representative, who shoulders the task of representing owners, trainers and breeders.

In early 2010 we were invited to join a select committee of owners, trainers and breeders to exchange views, discuss proposals coming from GBGB and advise the Chairman of appropriate action to the mutual benefit of all three parties. There have been many such meetings held and the benefits of feedback to H.Q. can be seen in various forms of change: rules of racing, license fees,  approved medical first aid packs and most significantly the extra £1m. allocated to prize money for 2011/12.

The GTA remains independent and it is the only officially recognised voice for trainers through the Practitioner at the highest level of greyhound administration.

Review of Racing Greyhounds legislation, 2015

DEFRA is conducting a survey directed at interested parties as to how the 2010 regulations affecting greyhound racing have worked out in the intervening period. A number of personal interviews are taking place and DEFRA are also inviting other persons and bodies involved within the Sport to submit, if they wish, an online response to […]

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